About Us

The Association of Business Technology Professionals of DFW (ABTPDFW)

A history of connecting and giving back to the Dallas/Ft. Worth Technology Community

ABTPDFW was recently formed out of the aitpDFW chapter which was chartered under the nation aitp organization. The members of aitpDFW voted in March of 2019 to leave the national aitp organization due to divergent visions for what an association of technology professionals should be. The board of ABTPDFW is dedicated to providing meaningful engagement for our four types of members, IT Leaders at any level of an organization (CIO, CxO, VP, Directors, Managers, Contributors), IT Professionals seeking new opportunities, Students enrolled in business technology programs, and retired IT professionals. 

Our Mission: Develop ethical business technology leaders at all levels and encourage and grow active thinkers to change the world through universal virtues in action. 


Our Objective: Nuture and grow an inclusive community of business technologist to connect, have fun, and grow together.


2019 Program Theme: Transformational Leadership: Transforming ourselves, our teams, our organizations, and our community through ethical digital change and sustainable growth. 


The ABTPDFW Board invites you to join us on the 4th Tuesday of the month at Las Colinas Country Club to experience what ABTPDFW is about! Register now! 

The Founding board is:

Scott Mairs, Daniel Baskind, Chris Savage, Bill Fly, Charles L. VanDeweel II, Noel da Costa, Sally Binnix, MS, MBA, PMP, Rashida S Thomas, Daniel Martin, John Fineout, Mark Reynolds, Mark Snyder, Mike Rochelle


The ABTPDFW Board wishes to thank our former board members for their work in bringing us to this stage:


John Cole, Paola Saibene, Jorge Hernandez, J. Mark Urbiš, Han Oster, Jodi Lea Rothwell, Patrick Patterson, Frank Day


Thank you also to our Volunteer Speakers and Supporters:

Toby Buckalew, Fanny Dunagan, Sven Gerjets, Matthew McGaughey, Judith Glick-Smith, Scott Schilling, Brian Williams, H. William Gordon